May 7, 2003: Video links may be broken!:
Kevin's Charger was down due to a very angry 413 transmission that didn't want to shift when it was told to. Kevin calls me, "Hey, I have a car let's go to the races!" I hang up to meet him at his house thinking he had some super cool wicked transmission built for his Charger. When I met him coming out of the alleyway, a fire red 98 GTS Viper pulls in front of me with a shit grinnin' ass Kevin staring at me. THE ENVY STARTS THERE BOYS!
Off for an hour and a half drive to the 1/8 mile Denton Dragway in Denton, TX with a few changes to my Daytona.

Changes included:
-Mickey Thompson "Competitor" tires with the tread worn off. Cheesy I know, but they were really sticky and FREE!(Thanks, Kevin!)
- MP struts were installed since last race. Whoopty freakin doo, but it was a change.
- Hello 18 psi!!!! (This came a little later in the evening.)

6 passes were made that night. 1/8 mile runs.
1st pass- 9.388@75.997 MPH 15 psi
2nd pass- 9.952@73.669 MPH 15 psi= BAD tire slippage!
3rd pass- 9.270@76.430 MPH 16 psi= starting to handle the tire spin better.
4th pass- 9.225@78.175 MPH 16 psi= technique is getting alot better.
5th pass- 9.966@75.113 MPH 16 psi= car didn't want to get off the line, something bad happened, so what do I do? Turn up the boost!
6th pass- 9.144@75.647 MPH 15-17 psi= Good last run, but when the A-413 changed gears it felt real funny. Not funny ha ha either!

I was told many times not to race my dialy driver. Do I listen? NOoooo!
Found out why it didn't shift right. I DIDN'T HAVE 2ND GEAR ANYMORE! If he only new.

Did you forget about the Viper I told you about?
Shweet ride! How does a 7.67 @ 87 MPH 1/8 mile run sound? That thing just Rocks. His last race that night was a perfect top off of the evening. He happened to spot a Z06 Corvette running down the track. Finally something worth messing with!
That was a good race to behold.

Click here to see the Viper VS. Vette race
Click to see the time slip, his is in the right lane #678

April 18, 2003:
The first night the Daytona ever laid tracks on a strip! A man named Kevin I met on the forum, said he was going to take his Shelby Charger to the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas and ask if I would like to come along and race the "DayTuna" (as he calls them). I had just re-built the motor in this car 3 months prior and I was REALLY ready to taste what 15 psi with the new GARRETT feels like at a strip . I found out it wasn't too much different at the strip than it was on the street with the same old Faulken 502 street tires sounding like a screeming banshee coming off the line from a stalled 10 psi. After 5 passes and a best of 14.340 @ 96 MPH it was time to get some grub and go to tha house and think about getting some slicks. To Gary Donovan's Relentless Performance I go to look at some M & H slicks for $$$150 bucks a piece, "DOH!". Well, no money now for slicks after trying to get things strait from the move.
Waiting for something just blows!!!!!

Click to see Daytona VS. Mustang GT

I will not advertise this company for my own reasons!
This name seems too fit much better anyways.

2.2-15 psi-street tires

That Ford diesel truck ran amazing 20 sec times!!!!
He wasn't helping the performance diesel truck class any.

Turbo Talon in right lane.

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