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In 1987 Shelby Automobiles converted 750 Turbo Dodge Shadows, in which it became the Shelby CSX. (Carol Shelby eXperimental)

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In July of 2005, I bought the CSX from my buddy Kevyn Cagel with intentions of installing the engine from the 3000 lbs Daytona into a lighter vehicle. Losing close to 300 lbs made the 2.2 liter, A-413 automatic trans, and Super 70 turbo get along together. Accompanied with the ratchet type B&M Megashifter, the drivetrain also had much more response with the Turbo Action Manual Reverse pattern valve body installed.

I have been told the original wheels were not liked by a previous owner and were traded off for a Super 60 cam which now looks like a grinder had it's way with the center of the lobes. At least with the Pizza wheels, the car looks even more like a sleeper.

The Shelby Charger CS embroidered seats, that were in the car when I bought it, are a nice touch to me which only adds to the Shelby scheme with the interior. The brittle Shelby steering wheel was put away for safe keeping and a suede OMP road race wheel was installed to the stock hub enableing the stock Shelby horn button to be used and the 3" offset of the new wheel brings it much closer to a tall driver's body for better control.


Time Slip History:
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May 2009
(30 psi boost)

1/8 MPH
1/4 MPH

24" x 8.5" M&H Slicks
and alot of testosterone...
Back to 89 stock turbo cam for launch
MPH from lifting before traps

Knocked before 1000' mark on VP C12 / changing to C16
Dallas Raceway
Crandall, Texas

November 2007
(30 psi boost)

Houston Motorsports Ranch
Melted catalytic converter

October 2007
(26 psi boost)

1/8 MPH
1/4 MPH
24" x 8.5" M&H Slicks.

September 2007
(22.5 psi boost)
Run was with 22.8" x 8" Hoosier Road Race tires.
Race ported head / oversize valves
Turbo: T04E 50 trim / Stage 2 turbine wheel / .63 ex housing
3800 stall torque converter
3" swingvalve and exhaust / hi-flow cat / no muffler

October 2006
(20 psi boost)
1/8 MPH
1/4 MPH
Run was with 22.8" x 8" Hoosier Road Race tires.
Race ported head / oversize valves
Turbo: Super 70 / stock turbine wheel / .63 ex housing
3800 stall torque converter
2.5" swingvalve and exhaust / no cat / Dynomax turbo muffler

October 2005
(19 psi boost)

Run was with 195/60/15 Bridgestone Potenza street tires and 19 psi boost.
Very mild head work / stock valves / 89 factory cam
Turbo: Super 70 / stock turbine wheel / .48 ex housing
Stock torque converter
2.5" swingvalve and exhaust / hi-flow cat / Dynomax turbo muffler

Race weight w/ driver = 2790 lbs

The Engine & Drivetrain Modifications:

137 ci 2.2 Liter
non-common block
FWD Performance F4 cam
J.E. forged pistons
(87M Cast 3.465" Bore)
Fidanza adjustable cam gear
T04E / 50 Trim Hybrid
from Majestic Turbo in Waco, Texas

Hughes Performance
-413 3 speed trans

.63 turbine housing
Reverse Pattern Manual Valve Body
from Turbo Action
3" swingvalve & exhaust
B&M Megashifter
72 pph Mopar Performance
Stock ECU w/ full control
Large Front Mount
EPROM emulator
Race ported 782 Swirl head
Laptop for Real Time tuning
Cockpit Picture From Carshow Laptop and DRB2

July 12, 2006

A couple weekends ago, I installed the Hughes Performance trans that Matt, a Tech at Hughes, used to run in his high horsepower 16 valve 2.2. A label on the trans shows to be built in 2001 and has the Alto clutch pack, Turbo Action reverse pattern manual valve body, a differential traction block, and is topped off with around a 3600-3800 stall converter.
This thing shifts flawlessly with the clutches having more clamping force than Micheal Jackson has on his nuts to hit the high notes, and the stall coverter brought the car to life in the low and mid range, even with the crappy head on it.

I received my REV custom valves in for my head porter and should really hope for much more low and mid range when he's done so I can install the .63 housing onto the Super 70 turbo which will be followed by a 3" swingvalve and full 3" exhaust. I would love to leave just the downpipe dumped, but it's a daily driver and I would probably get pulled over many times by the Police within the 25 miles I have to drive to work every morning.

Visit Hughes Performance here

Spider Gears and Traction Insert

Spider Gears and Traction Insert

August 27, 2006

This weekend I had some time to remove the 2.5 inch exhaust and installed the Turbos Unleashed 3 inch swing-valve and full 3 inch exhaust from FWD Performance. I didn't seem to have enough room to install the Walker Ultraflow muffler due to the very large mandrel pre-bent 3 inch exhaust piping running very close to the spare tire sump, but it isn't too loud with only the 3 inch Catco catalytic converter also from FWD Performance. It sounds good once warmed up and at around 4000 RPM down the highway, (with my setup), it seems to just get more quiet than the 2.5 inch which had quite a droning effect at those speeds while cruising. At wide open throttle it sounds excellent and the little extra power feels good!

It stands true that the TU 3 inch swing-valve, or any other larger modified turbo outlet, allows for faster spool up as compared to the common 2.25 inch and 2.5 inch swingvalve. The TU swing-valve is definately a good buy when going to 3 inch piping.

If you order any of these parts from FWD Performance or Turbos Unleashed, tell them Chris from sent you. ; )

September 3, 2007

After 7 months of the CSX sitting around waiting for the head work and turbo fabrication to be finished, I finally have it back together. With the work and testing I have put myself through on this 2.2 since 2004, I have found far more than what I was looking for in the first place. Through 3 heads, 3 turbos, and about 6 turbo compressor/exhaust configurations, I have found the Zen of this engine with VERY little lag using the T04E 50 trim (in it's correct compressor housing), stage 2 turbine wheel, .63 housing, and stock ported exhaust manifold. All this is coupled with a built up brand new head casting using 2 mm larger intake valves and 1 mm larger exhaust valves flowing incredibly at mid-lift.

My buddy and I went messing around with the car a little last weekend with the camcorder and I have learned at 3/4 throttle I can run 20 MPH to 45 MPH in 1.5 seconds, and 60 MPH to 90 MPH in 4.5 at 16 psi. The full 3" exhaust has a new tone under throttle now which sounds incredible. There is still much more tuning to do since 20 psi has become increasingly difficult on 93 octane pump gas with the presence of detonation. I can tune it out, but only with the down side of power loss, so, I would much rather have the engine running strong and safe at 17 psi on the street.

While testing at an 1/8 mile track last night, I found myself running into detonation at 15 psi on the first and only pass I was able to make. The damn staging lane is hell on heat build up in the intake with our damned 8 valve heads. Incredibly, I ended up spinning the tires terribly, fully letting off the throttle for half a second twice, and running only 1/2 to 3/4 throttle from 3/4 track to the traps catching a 9.2 second run at 76.6 MPH. Keep in mind this car would previously run an 8.70 at 81 MPH at 19-20 psi of boost. The run actually made me happy enough to make no more runs until I am able to mount some slicks and have enough money next time to buy a few gallons of race fuel to shy away from any detonation on the freshly rebuit engine.

I also installed a catch can which works great at higher boost pressures. No more oil from the dip stick or out the oil filler cap.

Below is the link to the video from this last weekend and pictures of the catch can installation:

Video at 17 psi: Right Click and Save As.

October 1, 2007

I was finally able to buy some slicks for the track since I can not get any traction in 1st and 2nd gear. I talked to John at M&H Tire who was a great help selecting the slick I might need. I went with the 8.5" x 24.5" x 15" Racemaster Drag as I really wanted to stay away from the smaller 23" tires due to RPM and not thinking they would do me much good at this point. These slicks are setup for an 8" wheel with a section width of 10". I mounted them on a set of 6.5" stocker Crab wheels and ended up with a 9.3" section width. A 1/4" spacer was used which my good friend Peter Outarsingh gave me (Thanks Peter) and along with the spacers I used a set of lug nuts I bought from Jegs which have an extra 1/4" lug centric shank past the taper which fit into the wheel holes with no modification. The lugnuts allowed me get back the 1/4" worth of thread which was lost due to the spacers. The lug nut part number from Jegs is 306-5395-5 .

Can't wait to get to the track next week to see if I can break the 8.38 run I made 2 weeks ago using Peter's road race slicks. They were nice enough to post the CSX on their site M&H Shelby CSX

February 5, 2008

After installing the FWD Performance F4 cam, new valve springs, and knocking out the melted catalytic converter I discovered a couple weeks back, the CSX started having fuel delivery issues at 25 psi. Modifying the stock fuel rail and installing 72 pph injectors made everything good again. Here is a tuning video before the melted catalyst was removed.

Video after F4 cam: Right Click and Save As.

Video after melted catalyst was removed

August 27, 2009

Miss the big cam on the highway!

In May I finally got the chance to run 30 psi at the 1/4 mile with an 11.54 sec pass. The stock cam and torque converter pulled of a 1.69 60' with the little FWD Shelby.