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September 2, 2006

Some real good freinds and I attended the SPEED channel's "PINKS All-out" event at the Texas Motorplex September 2nd which was a pilot being filmed all day for a new series. It was $10 to race with 2 passes guaranteed since there was an expected 300 racers to attend. There were 16 cars to be chosen with the winner of each race recieving $1,000 cash and the overall winner to collect $10,000.

We arrived at the speedway at 7:15 AM to find a very long line of real nice street cars and intense trailer cars park on the side of the highway and finally got through the gates by 8:45 AM. I must say this, I have never seen so many well built beautiful cars gathered at a track together. Everything from a fully blacked out twin turbo Viper to a couple twin turbo Vettes to a... well, the list can go on and on! Even our Turbo Dodge internet buddy, Wallace (A.K.A. Mopar2ya), drove up from Kansas with his Spirit R/T running a 114 MPH in 14 sec due to a large traction issue. Apparently, the engine and turbo in that ride was not anything to mock.

This event proved to be great for getting racers off the street and onto the track where everyone can have a great time while keeping the people safe. The $10,000 winner went to a woman named Criss driving her 50's model Ford pickup. Thanks to her father for providing a great running engine that took the abuse of the night.

At first, I as well as others did not understand the premise of the show since this was the first time, but PNKS "ALL OUT" is a great show to watch and this is an excellent event for family and friends to attend with alot of vendor booths featuring Brodix heads and many more play toys to look at. Thanks to SPEED Channel for providing all it's great programming for us crazy gear heads. And thanks to Rich for the arm drop since it was the first time I got to experience what my Dad told me about all these years.
Ford Truck vs. Twin turbo Vette

Pinks event at Motorplex