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A retired Chrysler failure analysis engineer, Ed Peters, owned this 88 Chrysler Corp VNT project which is now owned by my friend Kevyn Cagle.

Apparently, Chrysler wanted to stray away from the norm of thier previous turbo design to a new one using the VNT (Varible Nozzle Turbo) which later went into limited production in the 89 CSX.

Instead of the VNT test engine it once had, this car now harnesses a Long Rod 2.2 topped off with a hogged out G-Head and the VNT is now replace with a large T04B style turbo. I've been told that this car never made it into the testing mode or to the track. Kinks are being worked out as there are many to deal with before hauling this machine back to the track for more action.

I harp on him to get it fixed every time we hang out in his garage. As it sits, the shock towers make a great cup holder for my 20 oz Dr. Pepper!

Update 6-3-2007

Well, Kevyn finally took the trans from his blue Charger and installed it into the Omni. Kevyn, David, and I made it out the 1/8 mile Texas Raceway in Kennedale, TX Sunday night for some very heavy tuning on the Omni and had a blast! David and I both worked hard all night to get a good tune which due to no bleeder on the manual G-valve boost controller we ran fairly consistent 8.0 second runs on a not so solid 15 psi. By the last race David got the boost to a very steady 22 psi and the car ran a 7.672 @ 94.79 MPH. If you can't tell from the video below, we were just a little excited.