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Another car of Kevyn's is the 87 GLHS Shelby Charger which does a bad ass job of getting to the end of the track real fast.

I need to get more info on how he came to have the car, but I always forget to ask him the story when I go to his house.

I've done a some calibration work on the Charger, but not enough time at the track to actually tune it completely. I believe the last run was a consistent 12.2 - 12.3 in the 1/4 mile at Motorplex when we were all together last. I've known Kevyn for over 2 years and I think this car has trashed 5 A-413 transmissions in that time period. Basically, how ever many times the Charger has been to the track, it equals how many transmissions it has taken out!

There are a few videos of this car on the site!

Please, right click video and Save As:

7.90 at Ennis 12.26 at Motorplex 12.52 Vacuum issues at Motorplex