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My retired performance test mule.

I paid $600 for this car on the account of only one bad injector and I finally had to put the overweight tank out of its misery and transplant the fully built 2.2 into the 2680 lbs CSX.

After installing a 50 trim T03/T04 turbo which was too large AND mechanical problems with a dragging compressor wheel, due to the backing plate not being milled big enough, I needed to do something drastic. I made the decission to install a smaller Super 70 turbo and put the motor in a lighter vehicle.

I did enjoy the car and everything I learned from it. The fastest 1/8 mile pass was a 9.14 at 76 MPH which was a freak accident while completely wasting 2nd gear. The car simply acted like a 2 speed Power Glide from 1st to a slow creep into 3rd.

As she lays to rest in the street in front of my redneck trailer home, I will not forget the 5 traffic tickets, 4 sets of tires, 3 timming belts, 2 cars that hit me, and getting drunk in an Oak tree! (sing along!)

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9.14 at Denton Raceway Tuning video log 14.34 at Motorplex